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Monday, March 06, 2006

Brand Equity 2006 - Chennai Round Prelims

1. Which was the first non-corporate client of McKinsey & Company? Options: Greenpeace, American Red Cross, ISKCON

American Red Cross

2. Which Management Guru’s lessons are available on e-learning services provider called Corpedia

Peter Drucker

3. The 1991 Interim budget was presented by Yashwant Sinha. Who presented the Final Budget?

Manmohan Singh

4. Archies has launched its retail stores in the name of Stupid ______


5. Which ad agency had started selling advertising space in religious magazines

J Walter Thompson

6. Which entrepreneur was rejected by Azim Premji in an interview?

Ans: Narayana Murthy

7. Storms in the seawind is a book about what?

The Ambani Brothers Dispute

8. The 'R' code was given to the passengers traveling by which kind of airplane?

Concorde (Supersonic Airplanes)

9. Pommes Frite is the name of an item in Belgium, France and Germany? How do we better know it?

French Fries

10. Which book was voted "The Greatest Business Book of All Time" by Bloomsbury UK?

In search of Excellence by Tom Peters

11. When Kerry Packer was sent by his father to fight against a Sydney Publishing House, who was the famous entrepreneur who was waiting to fight him there?

Rupert Murdoch

12. What is name of the Chain of restaurants started by Kerala based AK Gopalan?

India Coffee House

13. What brand name do the Australian cricketers wear on their shirts during ODIs?


14. Which company has the largest Film library in the world?


15. Which company markets the Inspiron range of computers?


16. What is the name of the mascot who appears in the ICICI Pru life advertisements?


17. According to Parkinson’s Law, Work will expand to fill ______ available?


18. William Painter, suggested to ______ (the inventor, also a brand name later) that he invent a product that the consumer could use, throw away and buy again.

King Camp Gillette

19. What is a document held by a third party until either or both the parties in agreement fulfill certain conditions?


20. Connect Oswal Mills to Monaco

Monte Carlo

21. In 1887, the firm was invited to make arrangements for senior British officials and Indian princes to attend Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee celebrations in London.

Thomas Cook

22. DynaTac 8000X was the world’s first portable ____ _____

Cellular Phone

23. Name the 18th century Scientist who lost $20000 in South Sea Stock

Isaac Newton

24. Comic book series have been published by Bongo Comics - Garield, Superman, The Simpsons

The Simpsons

25. Before the advent of the modern telephone numbering system, the custom was to quote the Exchange name and then the number. Which British institution's telephone number was originally Whitehall 1212

Scotland Yard

26. Ad for eyewear - Rayban

27. Vvisual showing a Hotel - Accord Metropolis

28. Visual - Jerry Yang

29. PETA Print Ad

30. Visual Apple iPod. Question was Bose has designed a music system which can play songs from the Apple iPod. What is the system called?

Sound Dock

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tata Crucible 2005 - Chennai - External Track Finals

If you had been carried away by the difficulty level of the internal round, just hold on; Pickbrain himself said that the external round would be definitely tougher;and it did prove to be.

Some parts of the quiz were as boring and as tough as our history exams in school. There was a time when Giri’s quiz used to have a considerably good number of workable questions. This time however, it was a case of “Either we know it or we don’t “.

Another area of grievance is the number of questions in the prelims. 20 questions, most of them felt is too small a number to fight at the Battle ground for the smartest minds.

But at the end of the day, for those who realized that what we learn is more important than what we earn, it was definitely worth the time and effort.

Round -1 Biz Basics

1. Connect Bernard Tapei, Credit Lynnois, Robert LouisDrefyus, President of Olympique de Marseille.

2.Connect “Pure Design” purity to Interstate, Chronicle , “Elegance and Clarity”
Hindu Newspaper. Mario Garcia used the fonts Interstate, Chronicle to redesign the paper.

3.James Wilson is the fouder of Economist Newspaper. He also appears in the history of Standard Chartered Bank . What was his contribution to India?
Income Tax

4.Who started ”The Distillers Corporation in Montreal”in 1924
Samuel Broffman – Seagram

5. Aristotle Onasis started this National Airline of Greece. Icarus is their FFP
Olympia Airlines

6. The name "_____" was coined in 1937 by Colin Kininmonth and George Gray. They made the product by applying rubber resin to cellophane film. The processthey used was based on a French patent. In 2002, itwas bought over by Henkel.

Round-2 TATA World: All Visuals

1. Shyamal Gupta

2. Lake Palace Udaipur

3. Sir Ardeshir Dalal Shroff

4. Dams Kraft Wagon

5. Ardeshir Dalal

6. Ajit Kerkar

Round 3: Cross Roads (Crossword)
First and last ones are audience questions.

1. Jettix is one of the channels of: Disney

2. Net Merge is a registered trade mark of: Intel

3. Who designed eyewear especially for golf players: Adidas

4. Irridium Power Spark Plugs used by Toyota F1 Cars is made by: Denso

5. Company that has redesigned its product to meet EPA norms: Caterpillar

6. Lindsay Owen Jones is the man behind this product: L’Oreal

7. IQ magazine online: CISCO

8. Logo redesigned by Lander Associates: ABN Amro

Round 4: Think And Think Again: Connect Round

1. Nimbus, Reliance, Silk Route and a song played form the movie Roja
All brands of Asian Paints

2.Inquilab, SS, Metro Rail, Kiran Karnik
Mid Day group –Inquilab is their magazine, Karnik was on the board of mid day

3. Connect Polaris, Karma Electra(visual), Trident, Hercules; Song: U2
All brands of Lockheed Martin

4. Espirit, Alan Cox, “The story of an accidental Revolution”, Mustang logo Song: Enigma
Linux : Alan Cox is the man who created the TUX along with Larry Ewing Espirit, Mustang and Enigma are codenames “The story of an accidental Revolution”, is the sub-heading for “Just for Fun” by Linus Trovalds

5.Aavin, Actress Sneha, Sunjay Monga, Ravi Naware ; Song :Swades
ITC Foods ; Aavin supplies milk for sunfeast milky magic; Sneha-Brand Ambassador Mr Ravi Naware, Chief Executive, Foods Division. ITC has signed Shah Rukh Khan for Sunfeast

6.”You’ll love the stuff we are made of”; Barbara Bush Visual, Visual of first Factory of Pizza Hut Song : some song featuring Malaika Arora
Pizza Hut; Pizza Hut did its first home delivery to Barbara Bush.

Round 5: Inside Info 3 clues given one by one; open to all teams

1.1. Charles Lewis and John Young New York 1837
1.2. 1967 handcrafted the Vince Lombardi Trophy
1.3. Chairman Michael Kowalski visual
Answer: Tiffany & Co

2.1. 1966 Marseille France Pierre Bellon
2.2. “Improving the quality of daily life”
2.3. Unik card in Brazil
Answer: Sodexho

3.1. 1946 Osaka Denki “Imaginative Sight and Sound”
3.2. Tied up with LG and B&W, for home theatre products
Answer: Onkyo (Cracked in second clue; sot third clue was not mentioned)

4.1. Started in late 60s as Battery Eliminator Company
4.2. Uranus Senses
4.3. Ashok Mukerjee
Answer: Sonodyne

5.1 1989 “Look Good Feel Good”
5.2 “Aroma studio “,” Just for Men” and “Health Kitchen”
5.3 Vandhana Luthra’s photo
Answer: VLCC

6.1. Akira Yamada founds the Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership
Answer: Daiken This was cracked in the first clue; so the other clues weren’t mentioned.

Quizzer of the Day

1. Which global player in production of sports footwear and technical sports clothing, has appointed Sierra Industrial Enterprises Pvt Ltd as its licensee
Lotto Sports Italia

2.The hybrid product that combines ________ sun glasses with a Motorola Bluetooth in Razr wire

3.”Catch up with Life” :tagline of which Raymond Brand?

4. Something to do with Plan B; not clear though.

5.What does “N” in Windows XPN stand for?
“Not with Media Player”

6.Some question on Apple pulling the book on Steve Jobs off the shelf
7.Klaus Klenfield CEO Of?

8.“The heart of your digital life”

9. Sony “:Aibo::Catrobo: ?

10. Solo Coughdrops and AMPM Mouthwash are from?
Elder Pharma

Tata Crucible 2005 - Chennai - TATA Track Finals

The finalists were Indian Hotels, TCS, TCS, Taj, TATA Johnson, VSNL
The finalists for external track were SCOPE international, Lifestyle, Sanmar, Novar, Sify and Infosys

Round-1 :Ask for T

No. of letters in the answer were given. 15 points for cracking just like that. Every answer will have the letter(s) “T” which will be given as hint . 10 points if you crack on the clue.
E.g. “Improving the quality of Life” ____ _____ ______ ____If you ask for “T” it appears like this T____T ____Answer of course is TATA

The round however is timed.
1. Promotes Indi-one brand and Taj group of hotels –Indian Hotels

2. Produced “Natum jaano Hum” And “Chura Liya Hai Tumne” -Pantloons

3. Who owns ETC And Dish TV -Zee telefilms

4. 1953 Machine tool manufacturing company -HMT

5. Khusroo Dubash, Clyde Cooper, Tushar Jani established in 1983 – Blue Dart

6. A.Soni is the MD - Voltas

Round-2 : TATA World

1. Logo of Concord Motors

2.Photo of National Center for performing Arts

3. Photo of Tata Tea MD -Percy Siganporia

4. Photo of “Sansar “ – an initiative from TATA Chemicals. Whats the funda? Tata Kisan Sansar, will benefit farmers by offeringend-to-end agri solutions including the latest in agroservices and specialized input products. For more details visit

5. Whose products are these :Sentry, Daksh, Tata Mida,Preet, Reeva etc - Rallis India

6.Photo showing a kiosk; The machine is called Sevak. Who developed the system? - Tata Infomedia

Round-3 : Global Vision

1.Who was the adguru who was with the Conservative party in the UK Elections?
Morris Saatchi

2.Erwin Komeda was behind which famous product
Volkswagen Beetle

3.Who was the famous stock broker of Henry Hoggits
Sir Don Bradman

4.”Ripening the rice fields” :which brand nametranslated from Japanese?

5. Mehran :Pakistan:: ________:India
Maruti 800

6.Whats Jumbo King in Mumbai?
Branded Vada Pav

Round -4 :Biz Intelligence

3 clues in this round open to all teams : What weoffer; Our Boss(CEO’s photo) and Our Identity (LOGO) .Iam just giving the first clue(ie What we offer) here.

1. Pureit and Ayush

2.Wosulin, Biovac and Zedex

3.Palgrave, Nature Publishing Group, Shine

4.Family care, World Currency Card

5.Everyuth, Salazar, Sugarfree Dlite

6.Sarpanch, Milestone and Acelere
Apollo tyres

Round-5 :Quick thinking (Buzzer)

1. Alisha Chinai sang the jingle for this one :Farex

2. “Naughty but Nice “ Ad campign by which famous author who also worked with ad agency? Salman Rushdie

3. Coca Cola product which was launched without anycommercials?

4. Founding member of ISDA ; promises money refund guarantee :MODI Care

5. HQ is called Masterpiece STAR

6. DY&R ? Dentsu Young and Rubicam

7. “Unputdownable”; Tagline of which newspaper? Telegraph

8. NBC is owned by ? GE

9. Chimpoo is whose mascot? Garware paints

10.Expand WPP Wire and Plastic Products

Tata Crucible 2005 - Chennai Prelims

Questions from the prelims Chennai round of Tata Crucible 2005. There was a back to back finals for the TATA ppl and the non TATA ppl. The prelims was common for both. The winners in Non TATA group were Guna and Subramaniam from Novar India.

There was an exclusive round abt the TATAs in the finals- mostly to do with photos of ppl who have been a part of the group; a little tough unless u have really gone through the site really well. This time ppl who performed bad were on stage - and the ones that were left behind were worse - that briefly explains Chennai's performance in the prelims. Out of the 28 teams 15 teams had the same score which was on the border line.

But the questions had the category named; for eg: on a question on AIS Ambassador- he specified sports personality; and so on.

On to the questions now :

1.If SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, what does XMS stand for?

2.What is the airline code for Kingfisher airlines?

3.Which sports personality is the brand ambassador for AIS glass?

4.Some management quote. Question was to name the management guru

5. Which brand of batteries goes with Pitstops?

6.Brand Ambasador for TVS Star

7.”The Art of Beauty” goes with which Amitabh Bachan endorsed brand?

8. Shoe which can make up to 5 million calculations per second

9.”Because you have earned your wings” is the taglineof which company that makes travel accessories?

10.”The future of India-Politics, Economics and Governance”. Whose book? Clue:big name in Finance

11.Osutka manufatures which energy drink which is notofficially sold in India?

12.Eicher was bought out by?

13.Kool is a brand of cigarettes from?

14.Who is the CEO of Martha Stewart Living?

15.Name the post production personality who owns “FourFrames”; he has been recently induted into the board of Radaan

16. Photo of an “IT” (in a broad sense) personality

17.Print ad with the line “Aerobics on the street”


19.CEO Mattel photo



1.Secure messaging Service


3.Shoaib Akhtar

4.Philip Kotler






10.Bimal Jalan

11.Pocari Sweat


13.RJ Reynolds

14.Susan Lyne


16.Terry Semel



19.Bob Eckert

20.Ingersoll Rand

Tata Crucible Preparation - Info on Tata Group

1. Dorabji Tata was a Cambridge blue at cricket and a founding member of the sports-oriented Willingdon Club in Mumbai.

2. Sourav Ganguly has been recently promoted as the Adviser - Sales and Marketing in the Marketing department at Tata Steel.

3. In 1912, the London School of Economics established the Ratan Tata Department. The following year it advertised for a position of a lecturer in that department for which two people applied. One was a young man called Clement Atlee, who after careful consideration was selected for this position. About 32-years later Atlee became the Prime Minister of Britain. Interesting enough that it was under his government that India was granted independence in 1947.

4. Marg magazine from the Tatas started with seven advertisements and two rooms provided by J. R. D. Tata, the late chairman of the Tata Group.

5. In 100 Great Modern Lives edited by John Canning (Souvenir Press, London), in the galaxy of personalities only two Indians feature – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jamsetji Tata.

6. Given below is the logo of Tata Kisan Sansar

7. "The Company that Cares" - Tata Chemicals

8. WTI's Whale Shark campaign is supported by Tata and Gujarat heavy chemicals

9. Bombay House Pictures

10. JRD Tata's Pilot License - The first pilot license issued to an Indian

11. Amul's ad released mourning the death of JRD Tata

12. Nani Phalkiwala

13. Amul's ad denoting resignation of Ajit Ketkar

Friday, July 01, 2005

Quizdom 2005 - Prelims Questions

3 hours of serious stuff loaded with entertainment was what Diwakar Pingle had at
Quiz Dom to the small but cheerful crowd in the hall.

Thanks to the quizmaster and his research team, the quiz was like a quiz and not like an Exam.

Six Teams on stage, all well known names each better than the other; two outstation teams –
“People who’ll be present wherever a quiz is conducted, be it Ladakh or Leh” was the quiz master’s comment about the teams Cipher consulting and Flunkadelics whose passion for quzzing knows no boundaries;

Today where the world around is all about glamour and Glitz, those fields which seldom find a place in B-Quizzes were given importance, such as Finance, Management concepts etc to name a few. Kudos to the research team for changing the rules of the game.

“After all it does not just about know international ads and identifying personalities” claims the quizmaster

A quiz meant for both students and corporate unfortunately had a very small number of student quizzers and the audience too was not big; but the enthusiasm of the crowd proved the fact that it is quality which is enduring and not quantity.

A commendable performance from Diwakar Pingle and his team…….

Some questions to substantiate the feedback…………

Prelims Questions :

1. If Malayala Manorama is No.3, Dainik Bhaskar is No.2, then whatis No.1?
Dainik Jhagran

2. Which is the holding company of Sterlite India, Hindustan Zinc,MALCO & BALCO?
Vedanta Resources

3. Premchand Roychand, in 1864 launched a company in a bid toreclaim a section of the sea, and launched an IPO, which was a failure. Which scrip?
Backway Reclamation

4. Name the famous product from Steinway & Sons.

5. Which is the largest fund management house in the world withassets of $1.2 trillion?
Fidelity Investments

6. Which group is the majority owners of the following publications –Overdrive, Better Photography, Chemical World?

7. If Korean Conglomerates are called Chaebols, what are theirJapanese conglomerates called?
Sogo Sosho

8. Which Indian is credited with presenting the maximum number ofbudget speeches – 10?
Morarji Desai

9. Name the indigenous system of money lending that originated inSouth India, which used to issue money for emergency requirements.
Nidhi Companies

10. Ken Follett's "On the wings of Eagles" deals with the true storyof the rescue of the employee's of which company?

11. A, B1, B2, F, G, Z are categorizations in BSE. What does the category "F" stand for?
Fixed Income Securities

12. Brand Asset Valuator is a model that talks aboutDifferentiation, Relevance, Esteem & Knowledge – developed by whichcompany?
Young & Rubicam

13. American Cotton Oil, American Sugar, ……., US Leather, US Rubber,_________. Fill in the blanks.
General Electric

14. What terms were explained for the first time in English by Thomas Mortimer in his book "Every man is his broker – your guide toexchange alley"?
Bulls & Bears

15. What is the term given to the advertising near the check outcounter in a retail store?

16. If Wall Street: Stocks, Silicon Valley: IT, then which is the street in California that is connected to Private Equity and VCFunding?
Sand Hill Road

17. This person initially made money through Bethlehem steel, American Nickel Company, etc. and donated lots of money to the development of which institution. Who is this person?

18. A particular form of green veined cheese, is named after an Italian Village near Milan which can be produced only by he Italian government. Which form of cheese?

19. This term is used in connection with an IPO, and has been borrowed from Fox Hunting. Which term?
Red Herring

20. Picture of a Brand Mascot asked to name the company

21. Logo – Body Shop

22. Visual – Paul Wolfowitz

23. Visual – Mark Hurd

24. Visual – A Brand name has been derived from this character's name. which?

25. Connect – A map and a song – Silk route

Microsoft Bhasha Bizkrieg - 4th Leg - Chennai

This is just a gist of the prelims . Questions may not be exactly in the same form as presented by the quizmaster….

1. “O podu “ song featuring Vikram. What product does Vikram endorse and what’s the name of the campaign?
Coke & Coke Podu

2. World's largest manufacturer of premium golf clubs, including the Big Bertha® lines of metal woods and irons
Callaway Golf Equipment

3. What term is used to describe an employee in a typical hierarchical and structured organization who exhibits entrepreneurial behavior contributing to business and innovation ?

4. A print ad showing Ferrari mourning the death of the Pope

5. Which corporate goes by the philosophy “kamaye dukhataptanam praninam arthinashanam”
Khadi Vilage Industries

6. Which phrase may derive from its Latin: Canis caninam non est?
Dog eat Dog

7. Identify the person standing second from left in the photo
Michael Bloomberg

8. This company was established in Calcutta in 1886. It was one of the first importers of motor cars in India during the beginning of the 20th century. It was also the first agent in India of a wireless company — Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph. In 1926, it acted as an agent of the Imperial Airways. Name this company.
Shaw Wallace

9. Fox Sports AD

10. Highest No of cell phone users in the country?
Manipal bcos of the university

11. ‘Advisor to the treasury….A question about J.M.Keynes

12. This company has seen 40 per cent incremental sales though it has also given out 40,000 free units since then. Which one?
Dominos Pizza

13. Poor couple belonging to Vachchhadi family migrated to Bombay from Navsari in the later years of 18th century. A boy was born to them and they named him _____. ______, at the delicate age of twelve only, joined Framji Batliwala, a trader of empty bottles to learn his business, Framji was very much impressed with the efficiency and sincerity of ______. He then married his daughter Anvabhi to. ***** developed his skills in the business. His honesty and perservence paid him. He earned fortunes in the business.. He started giving donations for the welfare purposes. He had donated upto a little more than 25 lacs even before two centuries from now _______ and _______ are the two milestones of his inspiration, besides number of other institutions.
J J School of arts JJ Hospital

14. The book Father son & Co is about which company?
Watson –Sr & Jr IBM

15. The story begins with the tale of a brother's love for his sister. The product was made as a 'love potion' for his sister, to lure back her boyfriend who was at that time, in love with another woman. Evidently, the 'love potion' proved to be a success as the both of them got married a year later. Love potion for sister

16. Shane warne endorsed which brands during the series?
Fosters Benson & Hedges

17. Sold at all street corners of Bombay
Bhav sheets

18. World Bank lends $34 million to India post independence. What is it for?
Railway reconstruction reconstruction and development

19. Tender Coconut Ad Kerala Govt

20. The three face clock tower on the building was connected to the Madras Observatory.The company was so particular that the clock showed the correct time that it was checked and the time corrected every hour.3 sided structure meterogical dept
P ORR & Sons Clock tower

21. Ford Mustang Ad

22. Star bucks mermaid

23. Electrical Cables & Allied products International was first established in 1924 at Turino in Italy . It started making cables for telephones and railways. How do we know this company today?
CEAT stands for Cavi Electrici Affini Torino (Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin).

24. Photo showing Dabawallas returning from Prince Charles Wedding

25. The U.S. Department of Justice considers a market with a result of less than 1,000 to be a competitive marketplace; a result of 1,000-1,800 to be a moderately concentrated marketplace; and a result of 1,800 or greater to be a highly concentrated marketplace. As a general rule, mergers that increase the HHI by more than 100 points in concentrated markets raise antitrust concerns.
Herfindahl-Hirschman Index

26. Six Sigma Lawrence Bossidy & Welch

27. This innovation in Bangalore was “Finger lickin good” What?
Introduction of Electronic ticketing in Bangalore. Bus Conductors don’t have to lick their fingers any more to count the tickets/currency

28. Who comes first?
Edison –Highest number of patents

29. Speed, hyper, super were rejected. What was selected?
Hot for Hotmail

30. Societe Generale of Paris and India's Corporation Bank have launched a World Cup commemorative gold coin with this person’s face embossed on it. The 24-carat, quarter ounce coin, priced at Rs 4,300, is being supplied by the French Bank and marketed by Corporation Bank.
Sachin Tendulkar

VOX 2004 - Corporate Quiz Finals

Round -1 Where do you want to go today? (Starter)

1. There were two Indian women who featured in the International Fortune 50 list of women managers, they were Naina Lal Kidwai and Viday Chabbria. The lady ranked first was Marjorie Scardino. Which company does she head?

2. The SUV from Volkswagen was called Touareg earlier. Its name has been changed now to something else. What has it been changed to and why?
SUVW and Because Touareg denotes a slave dynasty.

3. VISUAL: The guy in this picture got himself into a major controversy because of his name. Who is he, and what was the controversy?
MIKE ROWE and the controversy being

4. Shamil Bank, a bank based in the tiny city of Bahrain has a very unique distinction in the field of banking, what is it?
It follows Chapter 2 verse 278 of the Quran, which says “don’t make money on money”, and hence does not charge/give interest.

5. Tihi, a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh has recently been in the news. Why?
It was the starting point of the ITC’s e-Choupal campaign for making the farmers e-literate and fixing prices of commodities based on international market rates.

6. Ai Bu Shi Shu is a retail outlet in China, and is unique of its kind in the world. What niche segment does it cater to?
The outlet consists of products specially designed for left-handers.

7. Which cricket association has tied up with NECC to sport its logo on its players dresses?
Mumbai Cricket Association

8. Starbucks Corporation recently lodged a complaint against use of their trademark by a Chinese competitor. Who was the Chinese competitor?
Shangai based Xingbake coffee

Round - 2 – Answers for Questions to Come – Boss is Generous

1. It is the French word for cloak.
How do we get the name Limousine?

2. It is an abbreviation of amphoria, a measuring unit in Greece and Rome.
What is the origin of the symbol @?

3. Sarvottam is the Hindi version.
What is the Hindi version of Readers Digest called?

4. It is derived from the latin word which means “to turn towards”
What is the origin of the word advertisement?

5. Tulip, balloon and flute are some of its types.
Name few types of wine glasses.

6. It was advertised as follows: Performance with 5700 fotos, and a picture similar in length,… all only for 3 annas.
How was the movie Raja Harishchandra advertised?

Round - 3 – Demand a broader view – Picture Round

Corporate Wives
1. Which corporate wife manages the Harkishan Das Hospital at Mumbai, which their family acquired a few years ago?
Nita Ambani

2. Which corporate wife runs a program called Sangamitra, which offers micro-financing to the rural areas?
Rohini Nilekani

1. Which was the first airline to introduce “No Smoking”?
Air Canada

2. Which was the first commercial symbol at Madam Tussaud Wax Museum?
Singapore Airlines Girl

1. This company was shielded behind the hills during the Hiroshima Bombing and thus escaped from it. Which one?

2. This company’s emblem shows a Ram’s head because one of their models, a bent exhaust collector looked like a mountain Ram. Which company are we talking about?

1. In earlier days, in Rome, a public square was formed at the junction of three roads, where the people met and talked about all sorts of things. Which English word originated from this?

2. What does the brand name `Yamaha' mean in the Japanese?
Mountain Leaves

1. What is the significance of the following stocks in BSE: Castrol India, Colgate Palmolive, GSK, HCL, Nestle.
They have been replaced in the BSE Sensex basket by Bharti Televentures, HDFC Bank, ONGC, Tata Power and Wipro.

2. Vivendi, Marriot, Citigroup, AOL Time Warner, are some of the stocks which have been expelled from a particular index. Which Index and why?
Islamic Index. Vivendi(Music), Marriot(Pork), Citigroup(Interest), AOL Time Warner(Music and Entertainment)

1. Love Life Again

2. Free, fair, fearless.

Print Ads
1. British Airways
2. Patek Philipe

1. JP Morgan Chase

2. Give the funda behind this particular logo.
HSBC – because In Korea Red is considered unlucky.


1. Identify the advertiser.

2. Identify the voice in the audio.
(The audio is an ad for Boraxo)Ronald Reagan

Round – 5 – Everyone’s invited – Buzzer

1. Who was the first Indian to earn royalty for records?
Rabindranath Tagore

2. Who is Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla’s partner in Dreamz Unlimited?
Syed Mirza

3. Who heads the ad agency Equus?
Suhel Seth

4. Which actor signed Hollywood’s first million dollar contract?
Charlie Chaplin

5. Which cosmetics company is credited with coining the terms lipstick and make-up?
Max Factor

6. Which was the first edible product to sold in a vending machine?
Chewing Gum

7. According to the ad, why do we eat chlormint only in the day?
Because we sleep at nights

8. Along with Coca-Cola, another MNC was thrown out of India in 1977. Which one?

9. Which was the first internet company to feature in the annual Fortune 500?

10. B4U is promoted by Bharat Shah and which other industrial tycoon?
LN Mittal

11. Which tyre company does R P Goenka own?

12. Under what name does Penguin publish books for Children?

13. “The world on Time” is the ad line of which company?

14. Who was the world’s first billionaire?
John . D. Rockefeller

15. With which company would you associate Kishore Biyani?

Round 6 – What else do you need to know? – Crossword

1 Down - Amisha Patel’s Restaurant (9) FIREPLACE
2 Down – Madonna’s Cloth Line (3) HOT
3 Down – Electric Car from Ford (5) THINK
4 Across – This company used bugs bunny as the brand ambassador for one of its ventures called “Venture” CHEVROLET
5 Down – They Launched the world’s first herbal shaving cream EMAMI
6 Across – This group’s internal technology magazine is called Transfer SAAB
7 Across – In 1882, Swiss Miller Julius’ creation from Legumes MAGGI
8 Across – Johnson and Johnson’s dental care range of products REACH

Round 7 – The power of (competitor) knowledge – Know your enemies

1. Which famous American was issued a patent for suspenders?
Mark Twain

2. Which corporation was the first to move to Silicon Valley?
Hewlett Packard

3. Which was the first foreign company to open a factory in the US?

4. This brand had a controversial ad which offered a free box of its product to every woman who winked at the grocer. Which brand?

5. Where did Harley Procter find the name Ivory for the soap that was initially marketed as P&G white soap?
Bible 45th psalm

6. What bird is found on the back of the Canadian Dollar?

7. How much money did American Airlines claim that it had saved by eliminating one olive from each of the salads served on the first class?

8. One reason why Donald Duck was banned from Finnish TV was he wore no pants. What was the other?
Daisy and Donald lived together though unmarried

9. This name is a combination of French words for Chalk and Oily.

10. What is a person who collects share certificates called?

11. Who invented the scissors?
Leonardo Da Vinci

12. “Our Challenge is Life” - Punch line of which Company?

Round – 8 – No Boundaries – Bonus Round

Set 1

1. This beverage was launched in 1934 at the Sydney Royal Easter show in Australia and gets its name from Greek Mythology. Which one?

2. Kaldi, a goat keeper lived in Ethiopia in the third century. He noticed that his goats reacted strangely when they graced one particular area. What was discovered as a result?
Coffee Berries

3. Visual: What is this award given for?
Direct Marketing

4. Happi Holidays is a program for returning customers from which airline? And, why is it named so?
Japanese Airlines – Happi is the name of a Japanese robe

5. The alcoholic drink Shambles is a combination of Champagne and which brand?
Red Bull

Set 2

1. What is significantly found at the following places: Sistine Chapel, Lecture Theatre, University of Singapore, Japanese National Theatre, Olympic Stadium and this Hall? (Talking about brands)
Bose Speakers

2. What was the first modeling assignment of Aishwarya Rai.
Lion Pencils

3. What was called operation pooch during World War II?
AMEX restored pet dogs back to their owners during war.

4. Visual: Identify.
Kami the Moppet.

5. Everglo is a dishwash bar from which company?

Set 3

1. Control, Creative thinking, feelings and emotions, data and information, judging and criticizing, feasibility and benefits are the features which form the basis of which book?
Six thinking hats by Edward de Bono

2. Which candy bar was named after a favourite horse owned by the Mars family?

3. This name reminds one of the Japanese phrase “ripening rice fields”. It reminded the founder of the words of wisdom taught to him by his mother “be humble like rice plants that bow their heads as they ripen”. Which company?
Minolta (Minoru – Ta)

4. Which airlines has been running a “flying without fear” course since April 1998 at its headquarters at Crawley, Southern England to help people overcome the anxiety of flying?
Virgin Altlantic

5. Which is the detergent owned by Shri Mahila Griha Udyog?

Set 4

1. Madonna’s “Ray of Light” was used for the launch of which product?
Microsoft Windows XP

2. Which food product was invented as a substitute for milk as a baby food?

3. Which motor company was Actually a Loom Company in the sea coast village of Hamamtsu, Japan?

4. If Nippon’s first product weren’t cameras, what were they?

5. Who is the only person to be the time man of the year thrice?
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Set 5

1. Visual: Identify
Tina Munim

2. The most widely understood term in the world is Okay. Which is next in the list?
Coca Cola

3. CompleteI don’t wanna grow up I am a ____ kid
Toys r Us

4. “So easy to enjoy, so easy to forget”

5. Which company owns the rights for the song “Happy Birthday to You”?
Warner Chappel Music

Set 6

1. Lottus is a brand of lottery from which group?

2. The use of this brand at London’s queen Charlotte maternity hospital helped maternal deaths drop by 50%. Which brand?

3. Which was the first airline ever to offer a live radio service?
Cathay Pacific

4. Visual: Identify
Fairglow express

5. Which is the most expensive domain name sold for $7.5 million


1. He’s an optimal PC – Apple Macintosh
2. Rain? Valet Cars – Avis Car Rentals
3. Automatic Processes – Computer Associates
4. Me in costly mess? – Imclone Systems
5. Undo CD-ROM sex – Durex Condoms
6. I assure, with menthol – Listerine Mouthwash
7. Worm downs PC, so fix it – Microsoft Windows XP
8. Bonniest or bright catastrophic radio – British Broadcasting Corporation
9. Sound, visual rites – Universal Studios

VOX 2004 - Corporate Quiz Prelims

1. Audio: Connect the book “What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School” to this song (A song from the movie Minnale).IMG.

Mark McCormack author of the book founded IMG and Madhavan has been recently signed up by IMG to be their brand ambassador.

2. Visual: Identify this personality (Hint: A noted name in advertising).

Walter Thomson

3. Fill up: Eat something you cant pronounce Caciocavallo Foie Gras Riz a limperatrice*** ******** and sample the cuisine of your destinationAll 60 of the ones you can *** to worldwide_________ _________

Keep Discovering, Air Emirates

4. “A land like no other” is the punchline of the tourism department of which island?

Sri Lanka

5. Elixir is the in-house magazine of which company?

Dr. Reddys

6. Zyklon-B was the infamous product of a company called IG Farben. What was the product used for?

It was the poisonous gas used in Hitler’s gas chambers

7. Audio: Identify the brand

Chiquita Bananas

8. Logo: Identify the company (Hint: The company’s mission statement is to shutdown business)


9. Complan and Nycil are brands from which company?


10. Which are the 3 companies that are referred to as the “Detroit’s Big 3”?

Ford, GM and Chrysler

11. Which company owns the Freedom range of women’s wear?

Grasim Industries

12. Visual: Where would you find this structure?

Polo Towers in Frontierland park, Maracombe, UK

13. With which Indian Advertising Guru would you associate the cigar brand PK?

Prahlad Khakkar

14. Visual: Identify this award and what is this award given for?

Clio awards, fondly called the advertising oscar, and given for advertising excellence.

15. 334, Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai. Which company are we talking about?


16. Visual: This figure shares its name with a P&G brand. Identify it.

Head and Shoulders

17. Audio: Identify the advertiser from the audio clip

Leo Coffee

18. In Indian advertising, what do the terms BG and AG stand for?

Before Gattu and After Gattu

19. What do Lord Swaraj Paul, Sherlock Holmes and Marks & Spencers have in common?

Bakers Street, London

20. Visual: Identify the characters

Phevos and Athena – Mascots for Olympics 2004

21. Lotus and Tiger are brands of which company setup as early as 1931?


22. “Live in your world, play in ours” is the punchline of which product/company?

Sony Playstation 2

23. Which was the first airline ever to have air hostesses?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

24. Marie Grosholtz was born in Strasbourg in France in 1761. How do we know her better?

Madame Tussaud

25. Visual: Identify the advertiser.

Daimler Chrysler for the fuel cell car

26. “Your potential our passion” is which company?


27. Fendi, Zenith and Ebel are brands to be launched very soon in India. Which company manufactures these brands?

Loius Vuitton Moet Henessey

28. is a site launched by 2 cricketers. Name them.

Venkatesh Prasad and Javagal Srinath

29. Visual: “More than just business as usual, Raffles Class”. Identify the advertiser.

Singapore airlines

30. Which ad agency is behind Arokya Milk’s “Arjun Amma Yaaru” Campaign?

Bates India

IcedPeppers+Q Quiz #5

1. He was born in a simple family of Nalwa village in the district remaining engaged in farming for some time, he shifted to Hisar and started a small bucket-manufacturing unit. He was among the prominent industrialists of the country and his business was spread all over the globe. The prestigious “Forbes” magazine bracketed him with the top industrialists of the world. Who?

Late O P Jindal

2. On Thursday, February 8, 1996, President Clinton signed into law the Communications Deceny Provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which has the effect of making the internet the most heavily regulated and censored medium in the United States. What did the internet companies do to protest against this act?

They turned their pages black

3.T for Men, T Cologne, Freedom for Men, Freedom for Her, Freedom for Him are brands from which company?

Tommy Hilfiger

4. Identify the person in the below picture.

Priya Paul of Apeejay Surrendra Hotels

5.The colour of her skin caused a fashion revolution after she got a tan while on a cruise aboard the Duke of Westminster's yacht. Who was she?

Coco Chanel

6. Artist Neysa McMein brought together all the women in the company’s Home Service Department and “blended their features into an official likeness.” One public opinion poll rated her as the second most famous woman in America after Eleanor Roosevelt. Who?

Betty Crocker

7. "75 Years of Passion and Soul."

Mont Blanc

8. An ad which conveys the spirit of our nation; so does the brand. Which one?

Bajaj Auto Limited

9. The company named Peutronics is in the news recently. Why?

It makes the accounting software Tally

10. Identify the Logo.

Tag Heuer